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1. Does Crystal Healing or Reiki hurt?

 No, it doesn't hurt. People can feel various sensations, such as warmth, cooling sensations, or tingling, but no pain.

2. Are the oils used pure essential oils? 

Yes, all of the oils for the healing sessions and take home care are 100% pure and organic essential oils.

3. Do I need to wear anything special for my session?

 You can wear whatever you are comfortable with.

4. Are my services confidential? 

We always practice that highest level of confidentiality. No information about you or your services will ever be shared with anyone other than the service providers here at Raine's Realm LLC.

5. Is there anything that I should do or not do after my healing session?

 You should rest if possible and be sure to drink extra water. Other than that, you can continue with your life as usual.


"Raine helped me overcome some issues I have struggled with for a long time! She put me at ease and was very knowledgeable. I feel amazing and I can't wait for my next appointment!"


"Raine is such an amazing listener and through her coaching, she has inspired me to make amazing changes! I'm finally living the life I've always wanted!"


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